New Arrival Glitter RFID Stickers for smartphone instead of old key cards

Posted by Jessica Liu on 27th Nov 2020

New Arrival Glitter RFID Stickers for smartphone instead of old key cards

With Holographic glittering effect and covered with epoxy, this glitter RFID stickers becomes shining and sparkling. This glitter rfid stickers support all kinds of NFC chips like NTAG213/NTAG215 and NTAG216. The dot NFC sticker can also work on smartphone and other metal surface. GYRFID offers several holographic options in customs shapes and logo printing. This 3D RFID sticker triggers your customer to remember your product.

What is the benefit of Glitter RFID Stickers?

This glittering NFC Sticker is particularly tailored for applications requiring brand new and lavish building access without compromising on rfid performance on smartphones. With glittering holographic effect and 3D effect, the specially designed NFC Stickers will trigger your customer to impressively remember your brand. Now NFC products are available in hundreds of smartphones, tablets, speakers, and other consumer electronics. Consumers prefer to have unique NFC products to help to raise growth.

What is Glitter RFID Sticker?

These glitter RFID stickers consist of epoxy, a particular hologram label, antenna, rfid chip, anti-metal layer, 3M adhesive, and liner. The size is from 20mm to 50mm, which also supports the custom size. The popular size is 30mm type, which GYRFID also keeps stocks. This 3D RFID Sticker is flexible and can be stick to curve surface devices. GYRFID presents various hologram material in different colors like golden dot, silver dot, stars, etc. This dot NFC sticker also supports custom logo printing in one or two colors.

How much does a dot NFC Sticker?

The cost of Epoxy NFC stickers is different based on the chip and quantity. The ordinary NFC chip is NTAG213, a cost-efficiently choice. This NTAG213 Epoxy Sticker price is around $0.4/pcs for quantity 1K, and silkscreen logo printing will cost $40 additional for each design. GYRFID's epoxy NFC stickers are already including anti-metal layer material to allow NFC tag working on metal smartphone case.

Which Kind of NFC chip should I choose for Glittering NFC Stickers?

Usually, the NFC chips are mentioned about NTAG213. However, some applications will require a large memory to store contact information and other format data. To meet this requirement, you have to buy NTAG216 chip stickers instead of NTAG213. NTAG213 memory can hold about 130 characters for URL. N TAG216 can keep about 870 characters for URL format. GYRFID also offers other NFC chips products like NTAG215 (amiibos tag), MIFARE Classic, or Mifare DESFire, and I CODE SLIX series.