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DESFire EV2 Keyfob

13.56Mhz RFID / NFC


RFID keyfob is the extension product of a regular ISO card designed for easy carry by a person for d…

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RFID Label Cost raising due to shortage supply of chip and raw material

The raw material of RFID labels like RFID chips, PVC, and paper continue to soar due to COVID-19 i

Jessica Liu
11th Dec 2020

New Arrival Glitter RFID Stickers for smartphone instead of old key cards

With Holographic glittering effect and covered with epoxy, this glitter RFID stickers becomes shin

Jessica Liu
27th Nov 2020

GYRFID Attends HOTEL PLUS SHANGHAI Trade Show | RFID products used in Hotel

The global spread of COVID-19 brought this trade show to a delay from April until this August in

Jessica Liu
20th Aug 2020