Wooden NFC Key cards for Hotel Resort Access

Posted by GYRFID on 1st Sep 2022

Wooden NFC Key cards for Hotel Resort Access

The Eco-friendly NFC Card is made of GREEN wooden materials like bamboo, Sapele, beech, basswood, maple, cherrywood, etc. The inner component is RFID chip, then laminated with GREEN material. This Sustainable RFID Cards is ideally applied for access control, cashless payment and promotions in hotels, resorts, office buildings.
These wooden RFID cards are supporting customization like logo, number, QR code laser. GYRFID supplies different RFID wooden cards with comprehensive chips like MIFARE, NTAG213, DESFire, etc. GYRFID also supplies custom NFC wristbands and NFC keyfobs in GREEN wood material.

Benefit of Eco-friendly NFC Card
The Eco-friendly NFC Card are made with wooden material can greatly reduce the nation’s municipal waste and reduces Co2 Emissions. The use of biodegradable NFC card is not the only solution to the world’s environmental issues. However, it should be looked at as a part of the solution along with measures such as reducing consumption, reusing products and recycling. Alternatively, the outlook of Wooden NFC card is quite unique compared with traditional plastic card. The biodegradable hotel card will trigger your clients to remember you out of competitors.

How to select a wooden NFC card ?
Firstly, you have to select the correct NFC chip for your hotel access system or loyalty payment systems. Some access systems are using 125Khz RFID chips to program, some are using 13.56Mhz ISO14443A protocol. Nowadays most systems are upgrade from low security version MIFARE classic to MIFARE DESFire yet. Second, the unique color based on the sustainable wood material will be one of the considerations. Basswood is the very light color options, and Sapele is the very dark material choice. Third parameter is the hard resistance. The hardest material is cherrywood NFC cards. The last and importance is the cost. Bamboo/ basswood/ beech material cost is the lower and cost-efficient choice. The other material cost is a bit higher.

Where to buy Eco-friendly NFC Card?
Usually the MOQ is 500PCS to custom a Wooden NFC Card. GYRFID offers sample checking service in F08 chip and NTAG213 chip options for your testing before order. You may click the following two links to buy samples directly. Or drop us an email to request sample order with your demands. 

KEW11 - F08 wood key card, eco-friendly keyfob | in Stock
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