EM4425 Dual Frequency RFID Sticker, RFID + NFC

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Dual Frequency Stickers are combined with NFC and UHF together. It is assembled with EM4423 chip, can achieve long-range distance up to 2.5m with UHF technology. The UHF EPC and NFC may share a common UID in one chip. These dual-frequency stickers are widely used for retail smart posters, coupons, and loyalty systems, UHF purpose is for logistic management or inventory systems.

Wine/ Bottles

Part No LAP-EM4425
Material: PP paper / PVC /PET
Size: 28x28mm
Color Options: White, Printable
Weight: 3g
Package: On Roll


13.56Mhz RFID Electronic Parameters:        
Frequency Chip Model  Read/Write  Memory  Protocol  Brand 
High Frequency
F08 R/W  1K byte  ISO14443A  Fudan
MIFARE®1K  R/W 1K Byte ISO14443A NXP 
FM11RF32 R/W  2K byte ISO14443A  Fudan
MIFARE® 4K R/W  4K byte ISO14443A  NXP 
MIFARE®Desfire 2K  R/W  2K byte ISO14443A  NXP
MIFARE®Desfire 4K R/W  4K byte ISO14443A  NXP 
MIFARE®Desfire 8K R/W  8K byte ISO14443A  NXP 
NTAG213 R/W 180byte ISO14443A  NXP 
NTAG215 R/W 540byte ISO14443A  NXP
NTAG216 R/W 924byte ISO14443A  NXP 
I CODE SLI X R/W  1024bit  ISO15693 NXP 


UHF RFID Electronic Parameters:        
Frequency Chip Type EPC Memory   User Memory TID Brand 
968Mhz -960Mhz Higgs 3 96 512 32  Alien 
Higgs EC 128 128 32  Alien 
Higgs 9 96 688 32  Alien 
UCODE 8 128 0 32  NXP 
UCODE 9 96 0 32  NXP
Monza 4E 496 128 32  IMPINJ 
Monza 4QT 128 512 32  IMPINJ
Monza R6 96 0 32  IMPINJ
Monza R6P 128 32 32  IMPINJ