WRA05 | Velcro Bracelet with 125Khz RFID and NFC

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RFID wristband is designed for easy carrying by a person in a swimming pool, construction place, pub, hospital, gym center, etc.
It combines the RFID and NFC technology with good looking and practical housings, completely water-proof.
GYRFID present several types of wristbands to fit different customer's demands. Material options: ABS/ PC/ Rubber/ Silicon/ Flexible Plastic etc.

Part No WRA05
Material: ABS + Velcro Band
Size: Watch 37mm  x band 260mm
Color Options: Black/Blue/Green/Orange/Yellow/Red
Weight: 11g
Water proof: Yes


Electronic Parameters:        
Frequency Chip Model  Read/Write  Memory  Protocol  Brand 
Low Frequency
TK4100 (EM compatible) R/O  64bit  / EM
T5577  R/W  363bit ISO11784/785 ATMEL 
EM4305 R/W 512bit ISO11784/785 ATMEL 
High Frequency
FM11RF08  R/W  1K byte ISO14443A  Fudan
Mifare Classic 1K  R/W  1K byte  ISO14443A  NXP 
Mifare Classic 4K R/W  4K byte ISO14443A  NXP 
Mifare Desfire 2K  R/W  2K byte ISO14443A  NXP
Mifare Desfire 4K R/W  4K byte ISO14443A  NXP 
Mifare Desfire 8K R/W  8K byte ISO14443A  NXP 
NTAG213 R/W 180byte ISO14443A  NXP 
NTAG215 R/W 540byte ISO14443A  NXP
NTAG216 R/W 924byte ISO14443A  NXP 
I CODE SLIX R/W  1024bit  ISO15693 NXP